Mar 16 2018

Jonzara Lisburn, One Year on……

This week we are celebrating one year of trading in Lisburn City centre.  It has been a great first year for us with the introduction of new brands and getting to know our Lisburn customers.  We have welcomed new staff and made new friends in our fellow traders.  This week we wanted to reflect on the past year and mark this special occasion with an interview with our very own Sarah who has been the driving force behind our Lisburn store.

Q: So, Sarah can you believe it has been one year since the doors to Jonzara Lisburn were first opened?
No! Where on earth has that year gone! I can remember that first day very well.  I was worried that no one would come but when we opened the doors I was delighted to see so many people, the store was buzzing, and I loved it!

Q: Tell me about that week leading up to the store opening?
We had all been working so hard with lots of late nights and a few stressful moments, but we knew deep down that the store was going to look amazing and as soon as we got all the lovely new brands out I was excited.  Some people had already poked their heads around the door to see what we were going to be doing and the response was very positive.  I think people were happy to see a new fashion store opening in the heart of the City and many of those first customers have become loyal to Jonzara which I am very grateful for.

Q: You have been instrumental in introducing new brands, do you think that makes Jonzara Lisburn stand out?
Yes, I really want to give our customers lots of choice, but I also want to remain true to our values of only offering high quality labels.  I was so pleased to secure Sandwich Clothing as I know it is such a good brand and then when JQ Jeans arrived and were so well received I knew I was on the right track.  I have also introduced Eden Row and MASAi clothing to Jonzara Lisburn.  both these brands offer a very distinctive look and I think they will be popular among my Lisburn customers.

Q: You have been nominated as Young Business Person of the Year in the Lisburn Castlereagh City Council Business Awards, how do you feel about that?
When I first found out about I was thinking “what, you must be joking!” but now I am actually quite proud of myself.  I have worked hard, and I have built up this business with my family so it’s very nice that my contribution has been recognised. It’s also nice to get dressed up for an award ceremony!

Q: What are your plans for Jonzara Lisburn for the next year?
This coming year we going to be revamping our website.  All the operations for it are now based in Lisburn so we want to make it bigger and better.  I am also keen to work with our neighbours and local Council to stay involved in joint projects, I think that partnership working really helps everyone.  I loved being involved in the Love Lisburn campaign and the Festive Fashion event, that was fun, so I hope we can work together more the future.

Q: If you could go back one year and give yourself one piece of advice, what would it be?
I would simply say, “it’s going to be ok, take a big breath and go for it!”

To celebrate Jonzara Lisburn’s 1st anniversary join us in store at 20, Bow Street on Saturday 24th March for cake, fizz and some special offers.             

Jonzara, be amazing x

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